EKUTHULENI Report No. 1 ZIM 2018 – the new training course has started !

Nqobizita, Sipho, Ntobeko, Nkosi, Effort, Wise, Alan and Michael  
–  our brandnew Ekuthuleni trainees 2018 !

Second lady in the picture is Mrs. Zulu. As part of her work-experience in the theology studies she will train the guys up to September once a week in bible studies, English and housekeeping.

the trainees will present themselves within the next months on our homepage.

Since the training course started beginning February the tool boxes have been renovated,

we informed us all about safety precautions, have built a cooking box and learned how to prepare rice by using the box – and in our courses we have gone through the basics of our new tools.

the kitchen garden was rearranged and we get known each other much better in several team-building activities.

we look forward to a good teamwork, cooperation, we are curious about new experiences and interesting leanring projects.

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