18 december 2010

Names of above starting from chap with striped black and white tee shirt going clockwise: Mishack, Raphael, Clifford, Milton, Crispen, Johannes, John, Lovemore, Ishmael, Broadway and Nation. (Ekuthuleni students and instructors)


Its that time of the year again where we have the longest holiday of the year and get our minds and bodies refreshed after a year of hardwork.The students have now gone on holiday and open in January.This is a good opportunity for them to catch up with their families and help with work in the fields in their respective rural areas.It will also give staff time to reflect on the year and and plan for 2011.On behalf of the students and everyone at Ekuthuleni l wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.


3 december 2010

Africa meets Europe, Zimbabwe meets Germany, Bulawayo meets Ravensburg.


Hallo dear friends

These days we have a young man from Ravensburg who is serving his one year attachment period with us.His name is Johannes Blank and he is a carpenter.He has so far for the two months he has been with us been very helpful in the workshop assisting and showing the students in their everyday work.

6. November 2010

Liebe Ekuthuleni Freunde,

 meine Zeit in Deutschland neigt sich dem Ende zu und wie ueblich ist die letzte Woche vor Abflug vollgepackt mit verschiedensten Aktivitaeten, Besuchen und Terminen. Ein Rundbrief mit mehr Info’s ist in meinem Computerzentrum schon in Planung, der Euch dann in nicht allzuferner Zukunft erreichen wird. 

Dear english speaking friends around the world, it has been great to meet some of you and I am also planing to write an english letter to you soon! Remember that Mishacks Blog is in english so you can get more info from there!!!

lest doch bitte auch Mishacks Blog, der ist sehr interessant.

Mishack thank you very much,I enjoy the pictures and the Info!


18. Oktober 2010

Liebe Freunde,

ich bin noch bis 16 November in Deutschland und werde es wohl nicht schaffen Euch alle zu besuchen. Eine gute Gelegenheit sich zu sehen wäre das 10 jährige Ekuthuleni – Jubiläum Ende Oktober (siehe Termine) wer Lust und Zeit hat kann sich zwecks näherer Info´s gerne bei mir melden!

Gruss Heliga (feet)