Bericht Oktober 2013

Ekuthuleni Carpentry Project

We are in the final lap of the current training course. Our lessons have intensified in practice and in theory. In the classroom we have looked at Business and Marketing. Firstly it is important to understand how businesses generally function depending on whether one is a retailer a producer or a service provider. Then we look at specific issues that the students, soon qualified carpenters, will encounter in the business world of Zimbabwe.

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Bericht Januar 2013

Third Term 2012
Greetings to you all. Greetings to you all. There was a delay in the students coming because there was no water at Ekuthuleni. Water tables at our neighbours were running low and they raised concerns that we were consuming large quantities of water. We decided that we would not open schools until the water situation had been given proper attention and many thanks to those that assisted that we now have running water. We immediately planted maize in our garden which will be harvested in February.
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