Bericht Januar 2013

Third Term 2012
Greetings to you all. Greetings to you all. There was a delay in the students coming because there was no water at Ekuthuleni. Water tables at our neighbours were running low and they raised concerns that we were consuming large quantities of water. We decided that we would not open schools until the water situation had been given proper attention and many thanks to those that assisted that we now have running water. We immediately planted maize in our garden which will be harvested in February.
It´s a very good crop and one of the best that we have had in years.

In the workshop we continued on joints, we looked at the housing joint. The through housing, stopped housing and the double stopped housing joint. The guys practised it first and they finished it by working on a project. You will find a photo of the project attached at the end of the report. The project was done well we believe that the guys mastered the joint pretty well. they also varnished all the small projects they have worked throughout the year, in the process learning how to properly varnish a finished product.

We believe that now most of the guys have gained confidence in themselves, though we feel that for some there is still room for improvement.
In the classroom we started on business lessons with them, introduction to business. (What is a business, why do we get into business, planning among other things) we hope to continue next year 2013. We also did the mathematics side of the business calculations. We feel that a lot more practise is still needed for most of the guys. John is mainly concentrating teaching on the business side and Mishack is teaching the subjects that are directly to do with carpentry.
We didn’t manage to do computers this term because of the power supply was affecting the use of our computers and also due to the fact most of the computers need to be looked at, updated and reprogrammed. We hope that next year some money will be set aside to have the computers serviced and fixed.
Of major concern is the tools that are being used by the students. Some of them have been in use for a very long time and are worn out making it quite difficult to produce good work.

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