Helga 01

HALLO to all Ekuthuleni Friends,

finally, almost 4 weeks after arriving back home, I have managed to get my computer set up in such a way so that it can cope with the Zimbabwean system, so this is my very first ever attempt to add something to the Eku website, which I hope will work since I only have my scribbled notes to follow, that I took when Armin gave us that high speed crash course for the website.

So far we are all fine at Ekuthuleni, Gumtree and Bridgebuilders, Nkayi . Winter has arrived and we Zimbos are complaining about the 12 degrees cold! During the day we manage but as soon as the sun goes down, and the temperature with it, we are very unhappy people indeed.

Next time I try and post some photos as well!!

Hope I get some feedback to my e-mail, from some of you who read this.

Best greetings to all of you,
from Heliga (feet)

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