18 october 2010

Hallo dear eku friends

As part of our training we visit the homes of our students so we can get to know their parents and they can also in turn get to know us.Here we had visited the home of Nation Moyo who comes from Dolahali in Nkai.Nation is an orphan and has three siblings.When his parents died his uncle Caanan who happens to have been in the first group of students to train at Ekuthuleni started to look after him and his siblings.Its sad that five of our students are orphans but on the other hand its a joy to us because we get an opportunity to make a difference in their lives by equipping them with a life skill.

 Caanan(uncle to Nation),MaDube(his wife) Nation ,Ishmael ,Talent (young brother to Nation) Mishack,

Milton ,Lovemore ,Broadway.

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