Mishacks Blog 27.Oktober 2012

Dear friends,

this letter is just to briefly let you know about some of the things that have happened at Ekuthuleni since the beginning of the year.

We had quite a dramatic start with the group that started their training in February. We had eight students when we began. As part of our training, the students get up at six every morning during the week to do general chores like cleaning the house that includes their bedrooms, working in the garden, maintaining the grounds and a few other things. This did not go down well with one of the students who thought the work and being at Ekuthuleni was too hard and he ran away in the middle of the night as others were sleeping. Another one of the students also thought that Ekuthuleni was not the right place for him and left within the first few days. We managed to take on one other young man we had interviewed, but our course is running with seven students. The current group of students is averagely not yet performing at the level at which we expect them to, both in class and in the workshop. However these past few weeks they have begun to slowly improve. l have often discussed with John what the cause may be, and we thought that they had a bad beginning as there was no water due to our borehole being down when they began their training. They spent a good deal of their time trying to help to fix the borehole in the first term and second term, and in the midst of that had to go to the neighbours for water on foot when the car was not available .This was very discouraging to all of us, and for the students it was hard to be motivated and to focus as we spent so little time doing what pertained to carpentry.

We are all very glad that we now having running water at Ekuthuleni and our programme is back to running normally. The students have also been involved in sporting activities with other young people from around our community and also with young people from the church. Most of the students are part of the church and are involved in church activities.
One challenge we face in Zimbabwe is that prices of things are steadily increasing even if we are using the United States Dollar. From the beginning of the year to now prices of commodities have gone up by a margin between fifteen and twenty percent .This means that running costs for Ekuthuleni have also gone up. As a nation we go to elections next year in March and l hope that will bring some normality to our country and economy.
The work at Ekuthuleni would not have been possible this year and years past had it not been for you all .To Beate, Monika and Petra thank you very much for going the extra mile and for the time that you spend to make sure that things run well. Also a big thank you goes to all members of the Ekuthuleni Trust, being a member shows that you care for us. We really appreciate all your contributions financially and by any other means. May your lovely and caring hearts be blessed.
Hugs and kisses from all of us at Ekuthuleni – Zimbabwe


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