Train Journey Zim Side

1.    21 young people from Gumtree and Nketa are setting off on the journey
       from Bulawayo to Maputo on Wednesday 11. August at 1pm.
2.    3 people missed the train and had to catch a taxi to the next stop

3.    The girls compartments instantly opened a hair salon
4.    The boys talked and talked and talked
5.    The train will take 20 hours to reach the border to Mozambique (500 km)
6.    Fortunately there is a toilet with instructions on board
7.     We were in comfortable wooden compartments that sleep 6 people each, the ticket costs 12 USD

The border crossing
1.    In the morning the train stops in the middle of nowhere, people jump out
       of the train and rush to the queue to have their passports stamped
2.    Mind the mines, stay on the path!
3.    Everybody has to walk the 2 km across the 2 borders
4.    The train is the only transport for many people and goods once a week
5.    We got our tickets in economy class – cost 182 Metecais = USD 6
6.    Now run to find ourselves seats
7.    A little chat while we are waiting for the train to leave 

The train journey on the Mozambiquen side
1.    Our new home for the next 18 hours and another 400km
2.    It is interesting to get out at each stop and see what is on sale
       (fried fish, bananas…)
3.    Cashew nut stop
4.    Charcoal is loaded on the train
5.    Just make sure you get back on the train quickly when the train whistles
       or you get left behind
6.    It gets very crowded at night, thankfully we at least have seats
7.    We finally arrive in Maputo (the station is thought to have been designed
       by Gustave Eiffel and was completed in 1910)






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